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Update on 2020-2021 CYO Season

The Athletic Directors of the North Bay Catholic Youth Organization met on July 6, 2020. Due to uncertainties regarding the opening of schools, the availability of gyms, and directions from the Public Health Department, and out of precaution for the players, coaches, referees and families in the community, the consensus was that the CYO Basketball season will be put on pause until further notice.

Once a decision has been made, an announcement will be posted on this page.  Thank you for your patience.

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St. Sebastian CYO

The St. Sebastian CYO program is open to 3rd-8th graders who reside within the St. Sebastian's parish boundaries. The area generally includes the West County and parts of west Santa Rosa.  

The Catholic Diocese of Santa Rosa sponsors the CYO (Catholic Youth Organization) basketball program as one dimension of its ministry to youth. The program is open to any child (Catholic or non-Catholic) who resides within a parish's boundaries as established by the Santa Rosa Diocese.

CYO Philosophy

The Catholic Diocese of Santa Rosa sponsors sports activities as one dimension of its ministry to youth.  The teamwork, support, and discipline demanded by a sport are reflective of the characteristics of a true Christian Community.  Sports offers the opportunity to experience a community that supports and respects its members.

The CYO programs seek to provide activities for all youth.  All players are encouraged to participate to the best of their ability, to improve their skills, and to excel in their talents.  The team aspect of sports is emphasized rather than the "star" athletes and teams.

In developing a supportive team, participants are taught to respect and affirm their teammates.  An atmosphere of sportsmanship, helpfulness, and patience is encouraged.  Cheating, ridicule, and unsportsmanlike conduct are not tolerated.

Failure in a game or in conduct are seen as learning opportunities.  Youth are challenged to do their best and to accept critique when appropriate.  Youth, parents, and even coaches who are not "coachable" in their skills or attitudes may be asked not to participate.

Teams are encouraged to try to "win" the game, but not at all costs.  Sportsmanship, equal participation of all players and fair play are the first priority of every practice and game.  Teams who strive to make each player look good, who develop strong team support and who practice the fundamentals of the sport will find they are winners of both the game and of Christian Characters.

Adult volunteers are the key to success of the CYO programs.  They are the models for the youth.  They must consciously attempt to be Christian witnesses, to teach the fundamentals of a sport responsibly, to treat each student fairly, and to uphold the goals of the CYO program.


Practices will officially start on November 1, 2019.  Practice  schedules will be distributed by mid-October by the coaches.

The following gyms are used by St. Sebastian CYO for practices: Brook Haven, Twin Hills, Hillcrest, Willowside, Forestville, Salmon Creek, Oak Grove, SunRidge, Analy (small gym), Sebastopol Community Church.

The number of practices per week, the day(s) of the week and the times are dependent on the availability of gyms on a given day and the coach's schedule and preferences.  Every team is guaranteed a minimum of one practice per week.  Most coaches choose to practice 2-3 times per week.  The younger grades are generally scheduled for the earlier times (5:00-7:00) while the older grades are scheduled for the later times (6:00-9:00).  Saturdays are available for extra practices.


CYO Prayer

The CYO program is sponsored by the Santa Rosa Catholic Diocese as part of its ministry to children.  Players and coaches will assemble at mid court before each game and the following prayer will be read:

We pray for our athletes ...
To play with character and integrity.
We pray for our coaches...
To teach sportsmanship and fair play above winning.
We pray for our parents...
To model and encourage positivity.
We pray for our officials...
To lead and safeguard our games.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.


North Bay CYO Season Schedule

The following is the schedule of games:

Week 1    December 7-8                                      Week 7    January 25-26
Week 2    December 14-15                                Week 8    February 1-2
Week 3    December 21-22                                Week 9    February 8-9
Week 4    January 4-5                                            Week 10  February 15-16
Week 5    January 11-12                                      Playoffs   February 22-23
Week 6    January 18-19                                      Playoffs   February 29-March 1

The season consists of a 10-week regular season schedule followed by a two-week playoff schedule.  If there are even number of teams in a division, each team will play ten games, five at a home gym and five at an away gym.  If there are odd number of teams in a division, teams will receive one or two byes (no game) depending on the number of teams in the division and the scheduling software program.

The final schedule of games will be distributed in mid-November.

There are no playoffs for 3rd grade teams.  The top four teams in grades 4-8, all divisions, will advance to the playoffs on the weekend of February 22-23.  Winners of the first round will play for the championship on February 29-March 1.

The home gyms for St. Sebastian CYO are Twin Hills (3rd-6th grades) and Brook Haven (5th-8th grades).













John Namkung

John Namkung


Phone: 707-322-5448

St. Sebastian Church

The St. Sebastian CYO program is affiliated with the St. Sebastian Catholic Church in Sebastopol. Click on the link for more information regarding the church's ministries and programs. The pastor is Rev. Gerard Gormley.

Gym Locations

Click on Gym Locations on the North Bay CYO league web site for addresses and directions for all of the gyms used by CYO for games.

North Bay CYO Basketball

The St. Sebastian CYO program is part of the 12 parish North Bay CYO League. The league website contains the CYO basketball rules, location of gyms where games are played, contact information for each parish's Athletic Directors, and much more. During the season, the scores and standings can be viewed on a weekly basis.